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Simple Invoices & Estimates By BBN Online Solutions, Inc,

Simple Invoices & Estimates

A simple, easy to use Invoices & Estimates program for Windows® Computers. It supports unlimited companies, adding on the fly items, customer list, items list, and easy to understand invoices report. Great for everyday businesses such as Freelancers, Accountants, Designers, Builders, Contractors, Technicians, Repair Shops, Retail Store, and much more. Instant download link email delivery.

Simple Income & Expenses By BBN Online Solutions, Inc,

Simple Income & Expenses Report

A simple, easy to use Income and Expenses Report program for Windows® Computers. It supports unlimited projects, unlimited income records, unlimited expense records, unlimited categories, categories list, and easy to understand income report and expenses report. Great for personal and business income and expenses report, accountants, tax preparers, and much more. Instant download link email delivery.

EZ Billing & Invoices

EZ Billing & Invoices

EZ Billing & Invoices is a complete and easy to use online tool to help you organize and manage your billing, including invoices, estimates, income and expenses, and more.


Online Invoicing, Quotations, Billing & Client Portal, Accept Payments Online with PayPal and/or Stripe, Contacts, Suppliers, and More.


Manage Your Billing & Invoices Online.

Central Project Management

Central Project Management

Central Project Management is a simple and easy to use tool to help you organize and manage your projects efficiently.


Your Projects, Team & Tasks All in One Place.


Manage Your Team Projects, Assign Tasks, Track Progress & More.

My Professional Profile

My Professional Profile

Freelancers and entrepreneurs use this opportunity to grow their audience, get more clients, obtain jobs, and more.


Create A Page To Present Who You Are And What You Do In One Link.

BBN Translations

BBN Translations

English <> Spanish Human Translation Services. We offer written translation services worldwide. Our everyday translations include marriage certificates, birth certificates, power of attorneys, travel authorization, and other official documents which may be needed for immigration, travel, business and other purposes. We also translate websites, literature, business stationary, marketing material, and more.

Simple Video Presentation Ads By BBN Online Solutions, Inc,

Simple Video Presentation Ads

Video presentations help your potential customers understand your idea better. Audio, video, movement, and clear statements will help people engage better with your business. A video presentation can increase advertising exposure, enhance your business image, and make your business be more appealing to the general public.

La Tiendita Online Store

La Tiendita Online Store

In business since 2005, our expertise in the technology business and background allows us to bring you high-quality digital items such as video tutorials, graphics, fonts & templates, as well as physical products such as computer parts, electronics, buttons, flexible flat cables (FFC), momentary buttons, digital & biometric devices and more. We are located in Kissimmee, FL and we dispatch products on a daily basis.

Make My eBook By BBN Online Solutions, Inc,


An eBook is a digital version of a printed book or reading material. eBooks are increasing in popularity and enjoy of many advancements of technology. They can be read on a computer, laptop, tablet, handheld device, mobile phone, and more. We sell eBooks.

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